JH Stålindustri manufactures tank used in the fishing industry such as fish oil. Also CIP tank is a delivery option.

JH Stålindustri can also offer heat exchangers for heat treatment of animal food based on fish waste.

Fish Protein

JH Stålindustri sells and produces complete production lines for the extraction of fish proteins based on an enzymatic hydrolysis of fish waste. The batch-based process ensures 99% pure proteins in the food quality. Fish waste can be anything from cod liver to shrimp shells.

The proteins can for example be used as a taste enhancer in fish food.

Fish waste must be fresh in order to maintain high food quality. For the same reason hydrolysis factory be near the place where the fish waste is created. Capacity may start at about 100 kg pure protein per hour and can be scaled to hundreds of kg per. hour. An annual waste volume should be at least 4,000 T.

We have a pilot plant in Norway, where we perform sample preparation. For further information please contact us.