General specification requirements for stainless steel tanks and vessels in the food industry is often the same as for the dairy industry, but the food is considerably more varied than the dairy industry. This is expressed in the requirement for flavoring, coloring, viscosity and many other subjective taste / odor issues.

Our delivery program therefore also includes special processing tanks. Horizontal “Food Blender” used in the jam industry is one of them. Another special type of tank is “High Speed Mixer”, to dissolve the solids in the liquid, for example recombined milk products.


Stirring and mixing of high viscus products such as jam, honey and confectionery can be and is often part of the process. It requires special attention with regard to functions other than the stirring. For example, the stirring in honey is an important part of the process and therefore also requires a special agitator.

We design and produce special agitators for a variety of food processes and products.

Venting “deaerator”

Ventilation, de-aeration and degassing are, in many foods, a necessary part of the process. It is necessary for many reasons such as:

  • Preservation of flavors
  • Conservation of natural color
  • Removal of unwanted flavors
  • Maintains durability
  • And many other reasons

JH Stålindustri designs and manufactures ventilation systems for specific tasks.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers are an integral part of most food productions, covering everything from dairy products, meat products, soups, jams, confectionery, soft drinks, beer and wine etc. In addition the pharmaceutical industry being an area that covers traditional medicine and biotech.

For the many different applications, several types of heat exchangers are required to meet the different requirements for the individual processes.

JH Stålindustri calculates and manufactures heat exchanger into two main groups:

1) Scraped surface Surface Heatexchanger

The Scraped surface Surface Heatexchanger, type ROTAPRO is designed for heating or cooling of highly viscous products, typical products with viscosities from 1000 cP til 500.000 cP. This can be products such as:

  • Dairy Products
  • Baby Food
  • Sauces and dressings
  • Jams, jellies and preserves
  • Desserts Confectionery
  • And many more products

Please see more on Scraped surface Surface Heat Exchanger

2) Tubular heat exchangers

JH Stålindustri manufactures Tubular heat exchangers type JHTHE in a modular program designed for heating or cooling of low viscous products (1-500 cP). Products may contain small particles and / or fibers that may be mentioned in the products in the table below.

  • Milk, cream and sour milk products
  • Fruit Juice and nectars
  • Beer and wort
  • Oil and oil emulsions
  • CIP solutions and water

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