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Since 1990, JH Stålindustri has been a competent and quality conscious provider of stainless steel tanks. Both pressure tanks, pressureless tanks and silo tanks. The sizes differ from containers of 10L to 150, 000L silo tanks. We have our clients from the different industries such as chemical, dairy and pharmaceutical.

Stainless steel is a great and relatively inexpensive material

Stainless steel is often used for products and processes where cleaning and corrosion is critical. Stainless steel is, contrary to the name of a bit which does not always indicate stainless as it is in combination with particular chlorine or chlorine solution, which can be degraded in a very short time. Technical assistance will be crucial to choose the correct alloy.


Production of stainless steel tanks is a craft where attention to detail is of great importance for the final result. JH Stålindustri is the guarantor of the quality of workmanship, which is ensured by trained, certified and experienced staff. Moreover, we focus on ongoing training and have continuously more apprentices in training.

Technical professional and competent organization

JH Stålindustri also offers a technical professional and competent organization, which ensure that the customer’s technical and documentation requirements are met. These include:
  • JH Stålindustri emphasizes on dialogue with customers. Through dialogue, we adapt and evolve the product to meet customer requirements. 3D drawings increases the technical and visual understanding, which is often exchanged with the customer in the design phases.

  • For pressurized tanks, we calculate according to EN 13445. Our blacksmiths are certified according to PED requirements and we have welding procedure for several alloys, including EN 1.4404 (316L), EN 1.4539 (904L), EN 1.4462 (Duplex 2205) and EN 1.4410 (Super Duplex 2507).

  • Preparation and documentation of tanks with high demands on the surface, including pickled, polished and electro-polished surfaces.

  • There is full traceability of all materials purchased for production.

  • Documentation in the form of material and welding certificates, welding procedure, surfaces, pressure and drainage tests are just some of the tasks that we can document.

    It is essential that the documentation is correct. Our database and our procedures serve as foundation for an otherwise close cooperation of all our employees, which together ensures a [A1] good and proper documentation.

  • When the temperature of a product should be retained or modified, the tank can be made with a thermojacket on the tanks exterior. It will often be required for the necessary cooling and / or heating time. JH Stålindustri has the expertise to calculate the required thermo area.

  • All tanks are also available, and if necessary, a proper insulation thickness is calculated. The outer insulation sheath can be carried out in all-welded stainless steel plate or thin aluminum or stainless steel plates attached with rivets.

  • Guidance on the use of special alloys and their corrosion resistance.

  • Cleaning with CIP balls and turbines and possibly demonstrating this through a riboflavin test.

  • Based on our own developed scrape heat exchanger program, we have accumulated a lot of experience with the products, processes and techniques that enable us to offer:

    › Preparation of special agitator for highly viscous products. These include:

    › Blending and mixing of meat products

    › Honey graftings

    › General mixing of the dried product in water and milk.

    › Pipe heat exchanger

    › The scraper heat exchanger units with CIP tanks PLC built