A stainless steel mixing tanks is a square shaped tank with bottom placed special cup-type impeller, which has integrated blade system for grinding of the product breaking or crushing of larger particles.

High pump capacity

The powerful impeller creates a great “vortex” in the liquid, but it is broken again during the development of an efficient mixing environment. The impeller has a high pumping capacity of the internal recirculation or the bottom end when the process is completed.


JHS stainless steel agitator is a high speed high shear mixer designed to incorporate the dry particles into a solution or liquid products.

High speed mixer/blender

This high speed mixer / blender can also be used for mixing, dispersing, reconstituting, dissolving, moisturise and re-break soluble sticky media.

Greater stability and homogeneity

Soluble products are dispersed in a liquid for the preparation of suspensions and slurries of greater stability and homogeneity.

Various shapes and sizes

Models available in different shapes and sizes with supplementary functions. Motor sizes to order.