Heat recovery from liquids and gases are often interesting, and is also an effective tool for reducing global warming. Heat recovery of viscous products requires that the right technology is used.

Heating or cooling of food

JH Stålindustri produces standard and special tubular heat exchanger (JHTHE)  for heating or cooling of food. JHTHE Tubular  heat exchanger is ideal for heating and cooling of low viscosity products or products with small particles or fibers, namely:

  • Milk and cream products
  • Juice and nectars
  • Oil and oil emulsions
  • CIP solutions and water
JHTHE Tubular heat exchanger:
  • The product runs into a number of smaller tubes. Product pipes are welded at both ends of a larger tube in which the service media runs. The exact design conditions are tailored to provide maximum heat drop for a given pipe size
  • Available with welded end or flange / o-ring which allows high thermal expansion
  • Product and service connections are fitted with ISO, DIN, SMS, BS or DS Clamps
  • Design and manufacturing are in accordance with the requirements of PED 2014/68/EU