JH Stålindustri has traditionally made many stainless tanks and vessels to dairies in Scandinavia. We supply hygienic depressurized process tanks, pressure vessels  and outdoor storage tanks.

Often there will be a need for heating and / or cooling of the product in the tank, this is solved by welding an external thermojacket on product shell. JH Stålindustri can assist in the calculation of the necessary thermo area. The tanks are usually manufactured in stainless steel EN 1.4404 (316) and exterior coated with EN 1.4301 (304).


With the increasing demand for documentation, including material certificates, welding procedures and welding certificates. JH Stålindustri is a safe choice.


Indoor tanks will always be faced with a welded steel sheath. Outdoor tanks will often be silo tanks of more than 80 m³ and will thus be minimum 8 to 10 meters high, whereby it will be necessary to service the equipment at the top. Thus, the socket is insulated and clad is welded with a stainless top as it is possible to apply. Non-slip paint, handrail and ladder will be safe option.


There are many solutions to vent and systems to it. Please contact our sales department for more information.

Stainless steel Agitagors

JH Stålindustri produce agitators to meet the requiments whatever the product is milk, cream, fermented milk products and other dairy products.


We compute and produce mixers that meet the requirements for agitation in the specific product, for example milk, cream, fermented milk products and other dairy products.

We have a program of agitators, side mounted or top-mounted adapted to the task to be solved.

Pressure vessels

We design and produce aseptic pressure vessels for the dairy industry. The aseptic pressure vessels included in installations for the production of fermented milk products like yogurt, curdled milk and many other fermented products. Another major application is sterile buffer tank for UHT treated milk products.

Our pressure Vessels comes with full documentation, including the material and welding certificates that are required.