JH Stålindustri supplies stainless steel storage tanks, up to about 200 m³. Stainless steel storage tanks are usually used where free air access is enabled, and has no over-/underpressure.


Stainless steel storage tanks are isolated with for example Rockwool and positioned outdoors. Insulation cladding on top of the storage tank can be either made of aluminum or welded stainless steel plate, painted with non-slip painting. Insulation cover of the casing is often trapezoidal or sinusoidal painted aluminum plates. Access to the top of the storage tank is by a ladder with a safety bar on the side of the storage tank. The ladder is equipped with a resting ledge when the storage tank reaches a certain height. Top unlocked with handrails and footplate.


Stainless steel storage tanks are used as storage and buffer capacity for liquids, where cleaning the tank has high priority.

The storage tank stands on a skirt, not on legs, and constructed with conical bottom, supported or self-supporting.

The outlet for cones will be placed in the center. By molding a piece of the cone like a funnel, the outlet may be moved to the tank wall. This construction detail makes it possible to clean the outlet, taking into account the location of the CIP tank beads or turbines on the drawing board.

The dairy industry often associate stainless steel storage tanks with a production building by an alcove from which the storage tank can be operated and inspected. From the alcove, manhole, agitator, instruments and connecting pipes for storage tanks are located.


Venting of stainless steel storage tanks is extremely important, and connection of venting to tank building will often be required.

A conventional stainless steel storage tanks is made of relatively thin plates, which makes the tank vulnerable to negative pressure. Negative pressure in the storage tank may arise during the cleaning process if no vent is designed, constructed and instrumented correctly, it can go wrong and the tank will collapse, like when an empty milk carton is compressed.

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JH Stålindustri has several ventilation solutions depending on how a stainless steel storage tanks is used. We recommend discussing solutions with our sales department.

Stainless steel storage tanks can also be provided with:
  • Sample point
  • Agitator, either top or side mounted
  • Sight glass with light Instrument connections for pressure, temperature and level meter
  • Safety Railings
  • Pressure Safety
  • Overflow Protection
  • Template to change or maintain product temperature
  • Footbridge with safety railing on top of access between multiple storage tanks
  • The installation and assembly of storage tanks