JH Stålindustri produces and supplies stainless tank and mobile vessels.

Executed both pressurized as well as unpressurized

Mobile tanks and vessels are being characterized by placing them on a frame with wheels. They are designed so they can easily be moved around in the production or laboratories. Mobile vessels therefore have an upper limit volume of about 800 liters.

A mobile vessel can be designed as both pressure and atmospheric, with and without cooling / heating jacket, isolated or not depending on use. Often there will be several special features that require high demands on design and construction of the shell.

It can be a combination of the number of nozzles, light, accessway, requirement for agitator, pressure and ATEX.

Customized manufacturing

A mobile tank or vessel may of course be manufactured in special alloys and high surface requirements, including electropolishing.

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JH Stålindustri has made several mobile tank and vessels, according to customer specifications, and we have the acquired extensive experience, which we would make available. Contact us also when the job is demanding.

The plant is equipped with process reactor and service functions such as sterilization, cooling, all equipped with control software.

Mobile vessel developed in cooperation with biotech customer. High demands on the location of the agitator and stirring, nozzles, sight and light conditions.

Several connections located on top including ATEX requirements on agitator.