Based on JH Stålindustri’s product portfolio and our experience, we offer design and supply of complete process plants. The specific task prepared in close collaboration with the customer so that the finished plant meets exactly the requirements for production, hygiene and function.

Process plants for cooling the fish sauce, based on Rotapro with associated buffer tank before and after. In addition to cleaning tank and automatic valves connected to and controlled by PLC.

JH CIP Units – CIP plant for cleaning of process equipment and single units

JH CIP units are manufactured on a stainless steel base frame, fitted with the necessary number of tanks. The unit may be stationary or mobile, depending on the size and capacity.

JH CIP unit can be “single string” without recovery, or “multi-strings” with recovery, see the following flow diagrams showing how plants can be built.

A string Systems without recycling, stationary or mobile unit.

Two-pipe recycling, desktop unit.

Rotapro – Case